Lafayette has one of the longest and richest histories in photography. Founded in 1880 by James Lafayette – son of a successful photographic pioneer – he and his three brothers poured all their talent, experience and flair into the family business. Together they forged a reputation for avant-garde photography that was synonymous with Parisian art and culture.

By royal appointment

Under James’s watchful eye, his business became the premier portrait studio in Ireland. With celebrated clientele such as the Irish Viceroy and tremendous newspaper interest, Lafayette earned several awards for outstanding portraiture. They even attracted the attention of the Royal Family. In 1887, following a commission to photograph Queen Victoria, they earned the prized title of ‘Her Majesty’s Royal Photographer in Dublin’. In later years, this title was renewed by both King Edward VII and George V.

Then and now

Today, Lafayette propels its history of innovation and excellence into the 21st century – creating some of the finest modern photographs and traditional portraiture available.

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